Biography: Two Hearts That Write As One
A literary match made in Heaven, Amazon #1 Best selling authors R.J. Modell and K.P. Lynne, have become beloved authors of both youth and adult literature, and have become well-known for creating a unique genre of "Family-Friendly" books that genuinely appeal to both kids and kids-at-heart. In 2014, they shook up the social media world, when the first quotation they penned together became a #1 top liked post and went viral!  R.J. Modell and K.P. Lynne later took the world by storm on December 13, 2015, when their debut  book as writing partners, Hock E. Puck Meets Hock E. Stick  ranked #1 New Release in children's hockey books! 

Their first book as creative collaborators and writing partners garnered the coveted #1 New Release spot on Amazon’s Children's Hockey eBooks List for six consecutive weeks, debuted as a Top 5 Best Seller in both the eBook and print edition, was featured at the London Book Fair in London, England, and was covered by over 100,000+ global  news media  outlets. Their next two books in the family-friendly hockey collection Pucknapped  and All I Want For Christmas Is A Cure For Cancer  also debuted at #1  and they are presently working on a fourth book Big or Small Love Makes You 1000 Feet Tall  and True Blue Heroes for the #1 Best Selling "Puck and Stick: True Blue Friends Forever" series.  

For the Adult Literature Market, R.J. Modell penned a major #1 Best Seller, with a book of motivational quotations called Today Is Your Gift, Open Your Present  with his writing partner K.P. Lynne serving as his editor. The book has topped multiple Amazon charts over a dozen times, including #1 New Release, #1 Philosophy, #1 Self-Help, #1 Mind-Body, #1 Spiritual, #1 Gift Book and #1 eBook. The book has become a perennial favorite as a gift book for under $10 and topping the charts around Graduation Time, Mother's Day and Father's Day. It is also sought after for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Confirmation gifts. 

Together, R.J. Modell and K.P. Lynne edited and packaged Queasy Street: Eleven Tales of Fantasy, which debuted as a #5 best seller in its category, written by the late Emmy Award Winning Actor and Best Selling Author, Joe Alaskey, who left instructions for K.P. Lynne and R.J. Modell to edit and publish his other works  posthumously.  R.J. Modell and K.P. Lynne also edited and packaged a Triple #1 Ranked Free eBook, Late For Thanksgiving Dinner  a short story left behind by Joe Alaskey as a special gift for his fans and family. 

In a bold move on Election Day 2016, K.P. Lynne (Writer) and R.J. Modell (Editor) released Litty Kitter 4 President  featuring K.P. Lynne's beloved #1 Best Selling children's book character Litty Kitter the Cat, which resulted in a rare cross-over success, with a children's book character being ranked as a #5 Adult Political Humor Book! R.J. Modell served as the editor.  
R.J. Modell and K.P. Lynne's poetry and quotations have enjoyed an international following of millions, via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Pinterest as well as global exposure courtesy of Think Big Sundays With Marsha Wright.  At the request of fans, the authors will be releasing books filled with some of their most-shared and requested words of wisdom, inspiration, empathy, encouragement, sympathy, healing, peace, love and hope.   

R.J. Modell is a thought-provoking, whimsical, prolific, yet refreshingly straightforward poet, quotation writer, fiction and non-fiction author and top-read social media writer. He was honored with a Writers Making Things Write Award as well as countless awards for using his writing to help and inspire others. R.J. Modell founded The True Blue Reading Crew to help foster illiteracy awareness. He is a highly regarded professional, motivational speaker, team builder and business person.

K.P. Lynne earned a Young Author Award at age 8, was internationally published by age 11, wrote for community papers by age 12, penned numerous books and pamphlets for the public and private sector, and wrote the best-selling books Litty Kitter the Cat, the E-Z Reads Edition  and Litty Kitter Is Kitty Litter Spelled Backwards. She has an extensive literary, artistic, creative and theatrical background and has been an accomplished and versatile singer since the age of 3.  

Together, R.J. Modell & K.P. Lynne have touched millions of people’s lives with their poems, quotes and words of wisdom via social media and their healing words have been donated on postcards to veterans, senior citizens and hospitals. 

K.P. Lynne and R.J. Modell enjoy using their talents and gifts to help others and do extensive volunteer work. Enjoy this site and be sure to visit their individual sites at and